Tiah e o desejo

«I’ve fallen in love at first sight. I’ve fallen in lust, life, death, sometimes-all-at-once at first sight. Sometimes just over a pair of cheekbones or the right build. The right look and energy that fuck, just rapes the air.
Sometimes it’s grown over serendipitous encounters, shared experiences or long-time digging through the depths of someone before hitting hard surface that says “This person is the most desirable one in The World”. And that’s all you’ll hear yourself say until it stops. But without fail, there was always a point when I knew, or shall I say a way. A behaviour, a look, I’m sure. And there they all were – from my reciprocal ones – at some point, returned. For I am not often the kind to fall for those who don’t fall for me. While a friend realised the ruling principle to her relationships is Groucho Marx’ quote that he “wouldn’t want to be a member of any club that would have” him, in stark contrast, at my narcissistic core, one of the most attractive things in a lover is how attractive they find me. After all, one can’t be blamed for admiring good taste, right?»

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