Muito mais que apenas outra entrevista

No número de Agosto da Mojo (que faz capa com os Fleet Foxes), Bill Flanagan entrevista Bob Dylan. Existem empatia e enorme conhecimento por parte do entrevistador, e cedo se nota tratar-se de uma conversa entre iguais. No meio de interrogações sobre cada faixa do novo álbum de Dylan, Together Through Life, e referências à visibilidade recentemente adquirida pela sua pintura, perguntas extraordinárias como esta:

Say you wake up in a hotel room in Wichita and look out the window. A little girl is walking along the train tracks dragging a big statue of Buddha in a wooden wagon, a three-legged dog follows behind. Do you reach for your guitar or drawing pad?
Oh wow. It would depend on a lot of things. The environment mostly; like what kind of day is it? Is it a cloudless blue-grey sky or does it look like rain? A little girl dragging a wagon with a statue in it? I'd probably put that in last. The three-legged dog -- what type? A spaniel, a bulldog, a retriever? That would make a difference. I'd have to think about that. Depends what angle I'm seeing it all from. Second floor, third floor, eighth floor. I don't know. Maybe I'd want to go down there. The train tracks too. I'd have to find a way to connect it all up. I guess I would be thinking about if this was an omen or a harbinger or something.

Mais extraordinária só a actividade de uma grande cabeça a esmiuçar.

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