Aprender com os maiores

«As songwriter he is influenced by the classic themes to be found in films (evident celluloid reference: Steve McQueen, Heaven Can Wait), musicals (Sondheim, Styne, Rodgers), the great songwriters of yesterday (Porter, Bacharach & David), modern pop songwriters (Webb, McCartney, Wilson) and still finds space to quote Shakespeare (Timon of Athens in Radio Love, Romeo and Juliet's Capulets and Montagues in Enchanted and "Alas! Their love may be called appetite, no motion of the liver, but the palate"). [...] he'd rather listen to Abba, Glen Campbell, Carole King or Laura Nyro than to the flavour of the month.»

Do prefácio do livro de 1993 que devia ser reeditado, se possível aumentado.

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