Um pénis em todos os filmes

"When a woman does nudity in a movie, men immediately switch into a sexual mode," Segel said. "For women, from what I understand, it's not like that. They see a naked, out-of-shape man crying and it's funny -- something weird, disturbing and disgusting we can all laugh at."

"America fears the penis, and that's something I'm going to help them get over," Apatow is quoted as having said in a World Entertainment News Service story in December. "I'm gonna get a penis in every movie I do from now on. . . . It really makes me laugh in this day and age, with how psychotic our world is, that anyone is troubled by seeing any part of the human body." (

A promessa ficou por cumprir, pelo menos no que respeita a filmes por si realizados. Apatow não terá tido força suficiente para erguer o objectivo (sem que isso tivesse prejudicado o que fez depois). Em 2012, com pénis ou sem pénis, estreará This is Forty, que repete personagens de Knocked Up, entre elas a de Jason Segel. De volta ao número mágico.

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