Literatura erótica da boa

«When placed in a cage with a female the male porcupine toured the whole area rubbing everything with his nose. He carefully smelled all items, paying closest attention to objects that had been in contact with the female and the places where she had urinated. He often walked about the cage on three legs, clutching at his genitals with his free left front paw. Like the females, the male rubbed his genitals on objects in the cage, and it appeared that the larger the object the more attractive as a rubbing place. The authors describe having to remove a one and a half inch spike from the frame of one cage as they feared that the animal’s vigorous rubbing would result in injury. Males also indulged in "stick riding" as described for females. Males would often "sing" during this period and became more aggressive with other males. When the male encountered the female porcupine he smelled her all over, then reared up on his hind legs, his penis fully erect. If the female was not ready she ran away. If she was prepared for mating she also reared up and faced the male, belly-to-belly. In this position most males then sprayed the female with a strong stream of urine, soaking her from head to foot. She would either 1) object vocally, 2) strike with her front paws, as though boxing, 3) threaten or try to bite, or 4) shake off the urine and run away. If ready for mating the female did not object strongly to this shower. This courtship routine occurred several times in the days or weeks leading up to copulation.» (How Do Porcupines Make Love, Wendy Cooper, Australian National University Canberra, ACT, Australia)

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