Amigos prá vida

There’s a depressing line in the film about still “having to jerk off even though you’re married.” Is the greater message of the film “Hey, teenager, don’t think you’re going to stop masturbating when you become an adult”?
Peter: [Laughs] Well, I think the sooner that you get over that fact the happier you’re going to be. I remember being like 18 thinking this is terrible, I shouldn’t be jerking off at this point. I should have stopped at 15! What is wrong with me? Now I’m in my 50s and still going away at it. It doesn’t end. Nice image for the readers. When you’re a kid you think that once you get married, certainly, you’ll never have to do that again. But, you know, what you find out is that it’s not out of necessity, sometimes it’s out of… (daqui)

Estreia esta 5ª feira.

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