Bangs on Eno

(...) Another Green World - his firs solo experiment with what he called "unengaging" music - certainly had it's fans, though I found much of it too, well, "Becalmed", as one of its precisely programmatic titles declared. Those little pools of sound on the outskirts of silence seemed to me logical consequence of letting the processes and technology share your conceptual burden - twilight music perfectly suited to the passivity Eno's approach cultivates. It's certainly relaxing - I even know people who do yoga to it - and at its extremes it produces lovely sonic wallpaper, like the two Fripp and Eno albums, the lulling Discreet Music, or the new German import, Cluster and Eno, an ECMical instrumental meditation with two German keyboardists who make music so placid you realize how much heavy-metal edge Fripp's feedback pastorales had all along. (...)

Eno Sings With the Fishes, Lester Bangs (1978), in Mainlines, Blood Feasts and Bad Taste (Serpent's Tail)

P.S.1 Tipo que use expressões como "little pools of sound on the outskirts of silence...", só pode ser um grande crítico musical.

P.S.2 Que fique claro que nunca recorri a Another Green World para fundo sonoro das minhas práticas de yôga. O mesmo já não posso dizer em relação a Discreet Music, Music for Airports, Apollo, Thursday Afternoon, Neroli ou The Shutov Assembly.

P.S.3 Ei Eduardo!, cheguei ao Lester Bangs, dude.

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