Canção de embalar

(...) The first day of prison was always the hardest

The first day of prison, the hallways the darkest

Like a gauntlet

the voices haunted

Faggot, sissy, punk, queen, queer

Words he used before had a new meaning in here

As a group of men in front of him came near

for the first time in his life the young bully felt fear

He'd never been on this side of the name calling

Five against one they had his back up against the wall and

he had never questioned his own sexuality

but this group of men didn't hesitate in their reality

with an awful, powerful, showerful, an hour full of violence

Inflict the strictest brutality and dominance

They didn't hear him screaming

They didn't hear him pleading

They took what they wanted and then left him bleeding in the corner

The giant reduced to jack horner

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