Amanhã às 18h30 no café do Maria Matos, Rodrigo Amado conversa com Rui Miguel Abreu sobre este SUPER DISCO

«(...) As had previously been the case whenever creative qualms begun to overwhelm him, Eno's health had begun to suffer during the latter half of 1977, although this time there would, thankfully, be no defining corporeal misfortune to bring things to a head. He was, however, experiencing a good deal of stress and continued to be riven by insomnia. At one point he even expressed the fear that he might be edging towards some kind of breakdown. In Berlin he'd unburdened himself to David Bowie and Robert Fripp and had latterly sought the counsel of Robert Wyatt. Each advised a lancing of the boil: Eno should cut his losses, all agreed, and commit to a version of the album, however flawed, and move on ('You commit yourself to what you're left with,' was one of Wyatt's maxims Eno particularly remembers). Eventually Eno would do just that, reluctantly assembling a record from the most successfully realized, if often wildly heterogenous, pieces at his disposal. Eno would later dub his new opus Before and After Science, partly in honour of its making – part rigorous system, part cobbled-together pot pourri.» [p.264]

On Some Faraway Beach - The Life and Times of Brian Eno, de David Sheppard. A bíblia.

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