«(...) Wines classified according to their effects: Baunes and burgundies such as Aloxe-Corton make you laugh uncontrollably. This is good quality laughter.
Bordeaux is responsible for the decline of French literary and philosophical thinking, because it makes you talk a lot and - worse - makes you think that what you're saying is important. It has the same inversion effect as marijuana - the more tangled the web you find yourself weaving, the more deep you think it is. Like most drugs, it's fatal for any serious work.
Barolo also makes you talk intensely, especially about art, but fortunately you have absolutely no recollection of any of the conversation (other than that you know it was brilliant).
Otoñal is good for making pornographic drawings.
Friuli wines can lead to very hot feet.»

A Year With Swollen Appendices, págs. 180/81

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