Fairytale of New York

Paul - Are you asking me if somebody like me would be attracted to somebody like you?

Mia - Answering a question with a question? You sound like Bennett. Lawyers should never be with other lawyers. I wonder if his wife is sleeping with him again. I taught him what to do, she gets the benefits.

Paul - And what... what did you teach him to do?

Mia - God, the first time... (laughs) it was like... it was like doing it to a salmon. Do you ever watch those... those nature documentaries? You know, when the male salmon frantically kind of jerks around for about 15 seconds with its mouth gaping open and then it just stops. Not to mention there's no hands, tongue, never really touches the female.

Paul - So you turned Bennett from a... from a fish into a man. That sounds mythic.

Mia - Yeah, a real fairytale, you know the one where the princess fucks the frog and turns him into a prince and then he goes back to his frigid frog wife.

Paul laughs.

Mia - What? What are you thinking?

Paul - I'm thinking it's a good thing you don't write children's books.

Both laugh.

In Treatment, 2ª época, 2ª semana, 2ª feira.

Guião: Jacquelyn Reingold.

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